About RBI

RBI Capital Management, LLC ("RBI") is an investment adviser registered with the California Department of Business Oversight. RBI's investment strategies, long/short and short only, invest primarily in publicly traded U.S. equities.

RBI's investment process combines bottom-up fundamental research with technical analysis and incorporates volatility and short interest to size positions.

RBI is continually allocating capital to the ideas that have the best reward/risk characteristics.

RBI's passion and experience shorting stocks is unique as we are one of a few managers that have a short-only strategy.

The Managing Member's trading background created a foundation of risk management based upon the use of technical analysis.

Adaptability is critical - learning through a dynamic process and experience is critical as the investment climate changes.

RBI's investment methodology is designed to outperform in flat to down markets. This has generated returns that, historically, have been uncorrelated to equity and fixed income markets (for more information about our returns, please go to our 'Contact' page).